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Billy Alvaro is an American success story. Like many successful business leaders, Billy struggled in school, but his passion and dreams of building a multi-million dollar real estate business drove him to take massive action. The challenge, of course, was that Billy allowed fear of failure and the opinions of others to stop him from taking massive action for years.   

Finally, at the age of 26, Alvaro was able to crush his own fears and get started in the real estate and mortgage industry. Since then, Billy’s companies have been involved with thousands of real estate and financing deals. By 2004, he was recognized in INC 500 as the 136th fastest growing privately held company in America and was awarded Business Man of the Year by the Columbia Association.

Today, Billy Alvaro is the founder and CEO of Flip Masters, the real estate investing industry’s premiere source for education. Utilizing the same tools that Alvaro mastered, Flip Masters teaches the art and science of a myriad of investing strategies such as paper flipping, fix and flip, fix and rent, assignments, double closes, wrap mortgages, subject to’s, commercial investing, creative deal structuring, debt negotiation, and long-term wealth building. All this while Billy continues to own one of New York’s most successful real Estate investment companies which does hundreds of transactions yearly!

As with so many truly talented coaches, it has taken Alvaro over a decade to refine these strategies to a point where they could be easily taught, but in doing so, Billy has discovered the secrets and tactics to real success, which include modeling the most successful investors out there and building out proven systems to find undervalued properties that others can’t seem to locate, to precisely calculate the offer , to figure out the repair costs and the profit on each deal.

Now, with clear and productive systems in place for his business and his team, Billy Alvaro has turned his attention to serving others who share his dream of real estate investment as a means to financial success, sharing with them how critical energy, mindset, and strategy is to creating the future they want.