Foreclosure is a devastating process, especially for New York homeowners. Not only will you lose your home, but you also forfeit all equity and take a major credit hit, one that takes years to repair.

Throw in the psychological and emotional damage that comes with a foreclosure and you’ll see why people do everything possible to avoid it.

Fortunately, with Easy Sell Property Solutions, stopping foreclosure and taking advantage of short sales to spare your credit and equity isn’t a dream; it’s a reality!

The fast cash house buyers at Easy Sell specialize in delivering hassle-free, no-cost foreclosure and short sale services to New York homeowners who want to stop foreclosure dead in its tracks. We can assist homeowners who are:

  • Struggling with monthly mortgage payments
  • Facing certain foreclosure
  • In danger of losing their hard-earned equity
  • Looking for more affordable solutions immediately

To solve these problems, we do one simple thing: buy your house directly from you for CASH! That’s right, within seven days we’ll give you a cash offer on your home, free of realtor commissions, and within your timeline. Through this process, you’ll dodge foreclosure, protect your credit, and have cash in your pocket for a fresh start.

To find out more – call the fast cash house buying experts at Easy Sell Property Solutions today!

*We can close in as little as 7 days as long as we have a clear and marketable title, which you as the seller, will provide. If we get a clear title and we cannot close in 7 days, we will give you, the seller, a $500 credit at the closing.